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The Series of Relativity explores the concept of time and space through the eyes of Mina, a time traveler from another planet, searching for a long lost and powerful crystal. The crystal's journey through time is shrouded in mystery. It was originally stolen from the great pyramids of Giza during the first Crusades. The crystal is said to hold the elements and mathematical equations that could help restore a dying planet's atmosphere.
Her mission is to travel through a wormhole, find the crystal that was stolen from the Egyptians, and restore her planet's atmosphere back to health before it’s too late. Mina’s journey shows us not only that time travel is possible, but that ozone layer depletion can happen on other planets that are similar to our own.
The first keepers of the crystal stole it, but had no idea of its powers. Their intention was to become the architects of history -- to take hold of all evidence of ancient civilizations and our true history and purpose on this earth. But this crystal seems to have had a plan of its own.
Over a span of centuries the crystal changed hands through powerful lords and collectors as an unknown but compelling curiosity, an item that was eventually possessed by Nikola Tesla, that was helping him create free energy. It was then stolen from him by J.P. Morgan after the fall of Wardenclyffe Tower.
To this day, no one has been able to locate the crystal.
Mina begins her Earthly search in the early 1900s, cutting in and out of the folds of time with her time traveling device in hand. You see her starting in the wormhole and, like a flickering light, fading in and out of the same theater room in different eras. She then dances her way into a ballroom in 1886 to try and distract J.P. Morgan at a gala event.
The series is ever continuing and has no set date upon which we’ll know if Mina finds the crystal, or whom she may run into along the way.
In all of my series I push the limits of what today’s world accepts as real. Pushing the boundaries of what is possible and encouraging you, the viewer, to explore with me. Explore your own depths. Make your unknown known.
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