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The Apparition Film Series focuses on what happens and then unhappens in a different world, one that lurks beyond our own dimension. Apparitions are colors and frequencies that we cannot easily see within our own realm. Souls are pure energy and can thus never die. A soul lives forever, just not in the same body. I feel as though if a soul is not ready to move on, it is then trapped in a matrix loop that keeps it locked in a new kind of world; an in between.  Like being on the other side of the mirror and looking into your own room. Being able to see it but not able to ever live in it again. 



This series is entirely shot on film and aimed at catching glimpses of the specter before it suddenly disappears again. If you stare at the images long enough you’ll start to see an image within an image. The viewer is invited to construct and interpret their own meaning. Meanings that could help transcend the apparition into the afterlife. 

As a photographer and storyteller, I am pulled to explore the unknown and go to the depths which others tend to shy away from. Perhaps in another dimension, we look like ghosts to what we perceive as ghosts in our own world. Another you and another me within a multiverse which is not visible within our own line of sight. This is the journey of lost souls, souls frozen in time through the eye of a lens; this is the Apparition Film Series.

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